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Nesti Dante Philosophia Oatmeal Scrub Soap

Nesti Dante Philosophia Oatmeal Scrub Soap

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The soft perfume of a Mediterranean plum and pink persimmons are combined with bran and walnut granules to gently act to exfoliate the skin. This Nesti Dante soap is suited to all skin types. Made with love and care in Italy. 

fragrance: mediterranean plum, pink persimmons, amber

Pair with a Saison Classic Soap Dish!

‐ Certified vegan

‐ Botanically active, naturally derived formulation

‐ Free from mineral oils, parabens, petrochemicals, PEG

‐ Free from sulphates and synthetic surfactants, GMO

‐ Wrapped in paper perfect for re-use as drawer liner

‐ Made in Italy with love and care

‐ 11 x 4 x 6 cm

‐ 250g

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