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Hunter Candles

Hunter Candle Addison

Hunter Candle Addison

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Scent: lavender, cucumber, sage

A complex yet calming blend that revitalises and reawakens the senses. Addison unfurls with soft floral notes and the crispness of fresh cucumber, while the symbiosis of sage and herbal lavender layered beneath brings a decadent sense of depthness.

Addison evokes our universal desire to relax and restore, and offers a luxurious way to unwind at the end of the day. With lights (and screens) lowered, turn to Addison when you crave a one-way ticket to complete tranquility.

- Soy wax, made using pure soy beans

- Biodegradable wax, free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs

- Hand-poured in Newtown

- Burning hours 45+

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