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Guanabana Argantinas 120 Bracelets

Guanabana Argantinas 120 Bracelets

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Introducing the exquisite Argantina 40 bracelet from Guanabana - a testament to the beauty and intricacy of traditional craftsmanship.

Exclusively designed in Madrid, this bracelet is woven by artisans in Colombia on a handloom using ancient techniques. 

The bracelet's adjustable opening ensures a comfortable and secure fit on your wrist, while the brass medallion on the bracelet is engraved with Guanbana's signature mantra - "Be Positive!" - reminding you to approach each day with optimism and positivity. At Guanabana, they believe that true beauty lies in self-expression and individuality. That's why you are encouraged to mix and match the bracelets, creating your own unique combination that reflects your personal style.

By choosing an Argantina Ganabana bracelet, you are not just adding a beautiful accessory to your collection – you are also supporting a sustainable and equitable business model that empowers skilled artisans in Colombia.

We have many colours and patterns available - come in store to look or let us know the colours you are after and we will send images. Alternativley, as they're all uniquely beautiful, we will send a random Guanabana bracelet - you will not be disappointed!

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