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solid State

Solid State Scented Candles for men (and women) - 4 varieties

Solid State Scented Candles for men (and women) - 4 varieties

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Man candles. Yes, they’re a thing, but the girl's also like them! Prepare yourselves, it's about to get aromatic in here. Herbaceous, smokey and sweet.

Welcome, gentlemen, to the illuminating chapter of sophistication - Mandles™. Yes, you read that right. Take the typical candle, infuse it with grit and debonair, sprinkle in a dash of attitude, and voila - you've got Mandles. Not just a play on words but a bonafide beast of ambiance, a waxy powerhouse of orgasmic aroma. A candle doesn't need to smell like a unicorn farting rainbows. No, sir. Not in your man cave.

45 Hours burn time
100% soy wax
100% Australian made

Single Malt - Whisky Caramel, Vanilla

Pull up a barstool my friend! Meet Single Malt - the candle that'll make your living room smell like your favourite watering hole, minus the morning-after headache.

Roma - Tomato Leaf, Basil, Geranium

Roma doesn't whisper sweet nothings in your ear; it yells across the bar. It smells like the type of candle a tomato would buy if a tomato bought candles. Featuring Basil, Geranium and Tomato Leaves Roma is fresh and herbaceous.

Rum - Coconut, Vanilla, Lime

Say hello to "Rum" - the candle that's basically a vacation in a jar. Who needs a beach when you can bring the tropical vibes right to your living room? This isn't your average run-of-the-mill candle. It's your passport to paradise.

Absolute - Pineapple Blackcurrant, Musk

Okay, we know what you're thinking, pineapple? But trust us, this isn't some tropical drink at the beach. This is the pineapple that hits the gym and benches twice its weight. Then, we throw in some musk - raw, primal, it’s like the scent equivalent of a bear wrestling a shark. Finally, a dab of blackcurrant to give it an edge, a hint of sweetness in a world of strength.

So, suit up, light an Absolute, and watch as the world bends to your will. It's like cologne for your living room.

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