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Australia’s Best 100 Walks

Australia’s Best 100 Walks

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There are so many incredible walks in Australia but how do you know which are the best ones? Our free time is precious and few people have the time to survey a range of walks – it can years to find a handful of good ones. Over 150 issues and 33 years Australian Geographic has explored Australian landscapes. Our editors, writers and photographers have the energy, expertise and contacts to know where all the most exciting and exhilarating walks are to be found. In this much anticipated book, we reveal our best 100 with detailed descriptions and stunning photography to inspire both walkers and armchair travellers. The Australian Geographic guide to Australia’s Best 100 Walks will have walkers itching to lace their boots up with this showcase of the sheer beauty and diversity of our landscapes and wildlife. With this book, walkers can set out knowing they’re going to have an incredible day outdoors.

  • The only book like this on the market, with a focus on inspiration rather than directions
  • Practical tips to help you start planning your own adventures
  • The ideal gift for nature-lovers, hikers, tourists and travellers
  • Highlights each walk’s very best bits—from specific points of historical interest to incredible views on the route
  • Explore each walk’s cultural and geographical splendour
  • List the key details about each walk: how long, how far, how strenuous.
  • Help you plan your own bucket list of walks
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