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Bell Art

Bell Art Clothes Companion

Bell Art Clothes Companion

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Bursting with the colour and intrigue that only Australian flora can create, our Clothes Companion helps protect clothing and linen from nibbling insects. Our duet of sachets utilise the protective properties of two of the Australian bush's most popular scents, Lemon Myrtle and Sandalwood, whilst emitting a delightful perfume derived from the pure essential oils. Made from all natural, all Australian ingredients, it makes a wonderful and practical gift or souvenir.

Contents: 1 x Lemon Myrtle Sachet in protective sleeve; 1 x Sandalwood Sachet in protective sleeve


Natural protection with added benefits.

Wrapped in protective sleeves, our sachets not only protect your clothes, linen or pantry, but they make them smell nicer too. Let nature do its thing and keep your home a chemical free zone - asta la vista stinky mothballs!

Keep those bugs at bay, again and again...

These long lasting sachets will continue to release more fragrance and repellant over time simply by scraping the surface gently on both sides. Pop it back into it's protective sleeve and - voila!

Smells good, does good and feels even better.

Made from all natural ingredients in Australia's south-west, with recyclable packaging and supporting the wonderful work of the Australian Flora Foundation, this little gem is good on all levels!

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