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Brumby Sunstate

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals

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Explore the incredible world of animals with this beautiful hardback encyclopedia for curious young readers. Inside you'll find a fact-packed overview of animal life, accompanied by delightful full-color illustrations.

Based on the latest understanding of natural history, this is a definitive guide to the habitats of the world and the animals that live in them. Readers will discover why wolves live in a pack, what noise a meerkat makes, how an alligator hunts, and many other intriguing animal facts. Packed with information on the lives and habits of animals, this memorable book showcases some of the world's most unusual and magnificent creatures.

- Profiles of fascinating animals, including polar bears, penguins, red pandas, and sea turtles.
- Habitat breakdowns and the animals that live there
- Fact boxes, pulling out interesting facts and stats

This encyclopedia supports home learning and is ideal for children aged 8+.

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