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Juju & Co.

Juju Suede Duffel Bag - Camel

Juju Suede Duffel Bag - Camel

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luggaBuilt to last and designed to endure. 

This beautiful Suede Duffle is a timeless design featuring a spacious interior and an adjustable strap and internal pockets.
Measurements: W x 57cm H x 31cm D x 22.5cm

Made from premium suede

2 colours available -  Camel and black (only Camel available)

Zip closure- Interior pockets- Adjustable strap

Designed in Australia



This suede has undergone a treatment during the tanning process to make it water-repellent. As it is hydrophobic, liquids will roll off the suede in beads. This makes it very easy to care for, requiring next to no regular maintenance. Use a dry suede brush to remove any dust and smooth out the nap if necessary, and avoid leaving on heaters or other artificial heating sources as it can damage the suede.

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